Let's be honest, hiring sucks. Job boards are too slow, referral programs never work and you need someone to fill that position yesterday. Clock'd is designed to help restaurant and hospitality managers find qualified professionals quickly, and fill shifts when you need them.

CLOCK'D Solutions

By the Numbers



Percent of new hires that quit before the first 90 days.

Average profit lost in order to replace, advertise, interview, hire, and onboard

a new employee.


12 Hours

Average hours spent per week scheduling, hiring, and interviewing candidates.

Average monthly spend advertising

jobs on job boards.

No more understaffed Friday Night Fish Fry.

How it works.

Post a shift on the

Clock'd app.

Post job details and work requirements directly to the Clock'd platform. It's quick, simple, and user-friendly.

Let them work.

After a short intro, they’ll seamlessly integrate into your staff as if they've always been a part of the team.

Select the professional for the shift.

Choose the applicant best suited to fill the shift with ease. All Clock'd Professionals are vetted and reference checked.

Post-Shift Survey &

Confirm Payment

After the shift, we handle everything. No payroll, no HR, just tell us how they did.

Our Pricing Structure

We know COVID has decimated our industry which is why we want to help. Throughout our early acess and during COVID we are offering a deeply discounted subscription month fee as well as a discount hourly rate of $2 per hour vs $3.


 per hour + taxes


Staffing Fee

Zero Poaching Fee

Email Support

Phone Support

Clock'd App

Clock'd Dashboard

Shift Lead Postings

24/7 Support

Training Shifts*

Professionals on Bench*

*Coming Soon!


Ideal for small teams looking
to fill the occasional shift.

Coming Soon

$5/ hour



Ideal for single locations
with FOH & BOH shifts.







Ideal for multiple
locations with larger staff.

Coming Soon

$3/ shift


Next Steps

Download Clock'd

Once you've contacted Clock'd, a member of the sales team will contact you to go over the app.

Create Profile & Setup Account

This is quick and easy. You'll be able to set up accounts for your manages as well. 

Start Posting Shifts

It's that easy. Once your account is ready to go, Clock'd will manage all your HR & payroll for any Clock'd professional.

Hiring doesn't have to be so hard.


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