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Clock’d customizes staffing solutions to place your dream team in your kitchen, bar, or hotel fast and hassle-free.

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SEEN by Clock'd

From franchises to food trucks, Clock’d designed the SEEN applicant tracking software specifically for your website. Save time, money, and headaches with easy-to-use applicant management in one place.

Dedicated Recruiter

The only in-house dedicated recruiter for the hospitality industry! We take a hands-on approach with specified insight to find, vet, interview, and hand over quality candidates in half the usual time.

Executive Placement

Clock’d adds confidentiality and customization to your executive search. Place top quality candidates for people who make or break your business, like executive chef, bar manager, or catering director.

Marc and his team worked diligently to find the right fit for our team even with a very tight labor market worth the investment to save time and your resources to keep focused on your business.

Greg King, Executive Chef
Rodeo Wagon

We've worked with some of the best.

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Clock'd stands out as a customized all-in-one staffing agency and platform designed specifically for hospitality hiring needs. Hire and keep quality people that fit the culture of your restaurant, bar, or hotel.

Recruiter + Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Our people plus technology model means you get personalized in-house recruiting plus easy-to-use ATS. Save 10 hours a week in recruiting efforts.

Gain Quality
Time & Staff

Clock’d customizes your hiring process with expert tips, best practices, and vetting interviews to drive 35% more ideal candidates through

your door.

Hire Before
the Competition

Clock'd finds great fits fast. We're on your staffing needs 24/7 so you can hire the quality vetted applicants in half the time. Just click “Hire.”

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Many owners and managers don’t know the cost of high turnover, or why it’s happening. It’s an expensive science experiment to find the answer without Clock’d.


Use our calculator to reveal the costs.

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