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Service Industry Relief Grant

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Hello service industry professionals of Madison, with things constantly in flux our goal at Clock’d is to provide you with real opportunities and verified resources to help during this time. Our friends at the National Restaurant Association, along with some other amazing organizations, have put together a grant fund awarding up to $500 per person. You can apply below:

  1. You qualify for this grant if the following applies to you.

  2. Worked on a part- or full-time basis in the restaurant industry for at least 90 days in the past year; and

  3. Have had a primary source of income in the restaurant industry for the last year; and

  4. Have experienced a decrease in needed wages or loss of job on or after March 10, 2020 which these grant funds will help offset

  5. On the application you will need to create an account with the National Restaurant Association and upload the following:

  6.  A pay stub dated before December 10, 2019 which shows:

  7. Your name

  8. Your employer’s name

  9. Hours and/or Amount Year to Date (YTD)

  10. A pay stub dated after March 10, 2020 which shows:

  11. Your name

  12. Your employer’s name

  13. Hours and/or Amount Year to Date (YTD)

If you cannot provide a pay stub, you can also upload a notice or letter of termination or a claim for unemployment benefits dated after March 10, 2020. This notice must show:

  1. Your name

  2. Employer’s name

  3. Date of termination

The application is open and is first come, first served. Our team has been monitoring the site, which has been experiencing server crashes due to the high volume of requests-but being patient and refreshing the page will get you through.

This won’t make up for the lost shifts and hours, but it can help. Stay tuned as we continue to post opportunities and other relevant resources, please stay healthy, we hope to work with you soon.


Clock’d CEO


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