Workers FAQ

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What do the shifts pay?

With a plethora of businesses contracting Clock’d, wages vary depending on the venue and shift type. At Clock’d we pride ourselves on providing top notch service so that you can earn top dollar for your work!

When will I be paid?

Due to the nature of the service industry, many shifts get paid the same night. However, you will be paid no later than three days after your shift.

How do I hear about the shifts?

Someone from Clock’d will contact you directly when shifts in your area are available via text or email. We are also currently working on getting an app up and running so that you can easily discover shifts near you.

Do I need experience?

In order to provide the highest quality service possible, we do ask that Shifters have at least six months of experience in the corresponding Shift type.

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I already have a job can I still use Clock'd?

Yes! In fact, most Shifters have a consistent job outside of Clock’d. We created Clock’d as a means for supplemental income.

What shifts are there? Where will I work?

We work with different bars, restaurants, and catering companies in the greater Madison area to fill a number of different front of house positions. The beauty of working with Clock’d is that you get to chose the venue(s) in your area to pick up shifts at.


How often do I need to work to stay on the platform?

The beauty of Clock’d is that you can work as much or as little as you would like to! We are here to help you make extra money when you need it.

Can I refer a friend?

Yes, in fact, we encourage it! For every person you refer, we will pay you a $15 referral bonus after they finish their first shift.