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People from the food industry, staffing for your industry.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

At Clock'd, we are driven by a singular mission: to provide good work for good people, creating connections and opportunities as diverse and vibrant as the establishments we serve. In the spirit of a bustling kitchen or a lively bar, our approach is unpretentious, bold, and seasoned with passion.


Our core values are as essential to us as the right ingredients are to a perfect dish:

1. Transparency

Our door is always open and we will always give it to you straight. Just like in a kitchen there is no room for useless corporate jargon and no BS.  We cut through the superficial to match the unique essence of every establishment with the perfect team.

2. Respect

From the front of the house to the back, every role matters. We honor the value and dignity of every individual, nurturing a culture of respect that underpins all we do.

3. Adaptability

In an industry that's always on the move, being able to pivot is crucial. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt, innovate, and deliver tailor-made solutions, just like a skilled chef meeting a guest's special request.

Our aim is more than merely filling slots. We're here to elevate the hospitality industry, finding good work for good people and recognizing the richness and diversity that makes our industry so unique. At Clock'd, we're not just setting the table for the future of hospitality staffing—we're serving it up, one perfect match at a time.

Marc is the CEO and Founder of Clock’d + SEEN. He has worked in the Food Service and Hospitality Industry for over a decade. Since his first job as a caterer for the University of Wisconsin, he has worked in every position in this industry; ranging from cooking in James Beard award-winning kitchens to opening and managing a nightclub in Mexico.


Marc's passion lies in connecting people, as a Certified Staffing Professional he is able to live that passion every day; connecting Professionals looking to advance their careers with Clients eager to find an allstar team.

Marc LaPierre

Founder + CEO

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