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See the insider trends shaping the hiring landscape for bars, restaurants, and hotels.

Info from 2000+ Wisconsin job applications. In one report.

What are the best hospitality businesses doing to stay fully staffed? Find out in our 1st 2023 trends report. Learn:

  • What employees look for when searching for a job.

  • What positions are easiest and hardest to fill.

  • How to lower your job ad spend by thousands ($$$$).

  • When the best time to hire throughout the year.

  • What key words will increase your job applications by up to 40%.

  • How to increase your chances of finding the right hire 2x faster!

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Here are the major hiring trends from
2000+ applications across Wisconsin:

1. Speed is everything.


Forty percent of candidates will drop off after 24 days of no response, 90% will drop off after 3 days.


Eighty percent of manager applicants will accept a competing after 14 days after you first interview them.

2. You need to give job searchers a reason to work for you.


More than eighty percent of hourly applicants are looking for full time work.


Organizations that offer certain benefits will see an increase of 75% more applications.

3. You need a better system to attract job seekers.


The average business spends $3000/month on job ads before hiring a single candidate.


Having a career page on your website will see 35% more applications.

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