Business FAQs

How far in advance do we have to request a shift?

The more advanced notice you give us, the better. We prefer at least 72 hours notice. That being said, we have filled shifts in as little as an hour and a half. We are always here to help!

How many workers can I request?

For the average shift time, we ask that you request no more than two shifts to be filled for the same time period. We understand that larger events (and peak business weekend) can require a greater number of staff members on call and are more than willing to work with all businesses to fulfil their needs.

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How do you charge for your service?

To simplify our answer, we charge by the hour. The nature of each position requested will dictate the actual amount charged.

Do you only work with restaurants?

No, we work with restaurants, bars, catering companies, and any other entities that need front of house workers.

What workers do you provide?

Right now we provide all front of house positions (Hosts, Bussers, Wait staff, Back backs, Bartenders, etc.) Soon we will be offering back of house.