Hiring Made Easy

We recognize each business is unique and thus you have different hiring needs. We've made it easy to scale your hiring as needed whether you're open for just a season or opening your third location. 

App Only


/ month

The original Clock'd app! This option is ideal for businesses with seasonal changes, such as catering, that need more hands on deck during specific times.

  • Post unlimited short-term shifts

  • Offer stages



/ month per location

The all-in-one hiring platform. This is ideal for hiring all your high-turnover positions such as line cook, bartender, server, etc.

  • Access to Clock'd app

  • Clock'd Managed Job Posts

  • Unlimited Hires

  • Pre-Screened Applicants

  • Working Interviews


Custom Pricing

This is intended for hiring executive level positions such as new Executive

Chefs, GMs, Bar Managers, etc. We work with you to find the best person for the role. 

  • Customized hiring process

  • Clock'd Account Manager

  • Pay  only if you hire the position

  • 6-months discount when you sign up for the platform

* Taxes, hourly pay, and $2/hour staffing fee are not included in listed price.

    Prices listed are monthly subscription rate.

Hiring is better with Clock'd

Clock'd is here to help you grow your team as you grow your business.

No more understaffed

Friday Night Fish Fries

The Clock'd app allows you to post last-minute shifts to qualified professionals.

Find your all-star team

Our app also features the ability to schedule working interviews to help ensure candidate fit.

Save time and money

You tell us when you need to hire a new position and we send you qualified applicants. 

Hire your next executive position with ease

Need to hire a managment position? Clock'd recruiting works with you to find your next GM.


Clock'd is an all-in-one hiring platform built specifically to meet hospitality business' needs.

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