The Job Hunt Sucks.

Clock'd is a platform for service industry professionals to pick up shifts when they want, where they want. Yes, really


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Work When You Want. Where You Want.

Clock'd is a little different from other gig jobs or staffing agencies and that's on purpose.

Choose Your Own Schedule

On Clock'd you get the full flexibility of choosing where and when you work at some of the coolest venues in Madison and Milwaukee

You're a Clock'd employee.

Our team will handle all your paperwork and filings. (W2s, Social Security, etc.)

Which means we got your back come tax season.

(Coming Soon!)

We're proud to be one of the only "Gig" companies out there able to offer you the full suite of benefits that you deserve and that professionals in this industry need!

Weekly Payroll

No more waiting 2 weeks for a paycheck. After a shift that direct deposit will hit at the beginning of each week.


How It Works.

As service industry professionals ourselves, we believed the system can be better. So we created it. Clock'd is a service by industry professionals, for industry professionals


Through the Clock'd app you can pick up open shifts with partnered bars and restaurants in your area. 

Download Clock'd

Available on Andriod & iOS our app is where you manage your profile, earnings, and open shifts

Create Profile & Submit Resume

In less than 2 minutes our team can have all the info needed to add you to our network of professionals

Start Picking Up Shifts

After a quick 15 minute on-boarding you're ready to pick up open shifts with any of our partners!

Meet Our Team


Olivia Wisden

Marketing Director

Favorite Cocktail:


Anything with Gin and maybe throw an egg white in

there too.

Marc LaPierre

Co-Founder & CEO

Why do you love this industry :


I love the authenticity of it. In a good restaurant there is no BS in the way people talk, work, and in what ultimately becomes the final product.

Tommy Shafer

Technical Lead

Favorite restaurant job: 


Traveling with a food stall serving music festivals (shoutout to The Avocado Hut!)

Our Testimonials

Team Clock'd

Jennie M.

Everyone was very nice to me and very accommodating. The process was very simple, and getting the extra cash at the end of the night was great.

It was very fun and extremely easy. It was great working some place new and seeing how they do things.

Alex T.

Shift The Way You Work.

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