Hiring Sucks.

But Clock'd is here to change that. We are an all-in-one hiring platform designed for the hospitality industry by hospitality professionals.

Staffing shouldn't be a headache.

No Show Interviewees

20-50% of interviewees ghost employers during the interview process. That is a lot of wasted time and frustration.

Wasted Manager Hours

The average restaurant spends

12 hours every week scheduling, hiring, and interviewing candidates.

High Turnover

42% of new hires quit before

the first 90 days.


Our Solution

We have built a process that consolidates the hiring process, cuts down on no-show interviews, saves you time, and helps secure the right candidates for your job.

1. Hiring Dashboard

We work with you on creating the perfect job description and then we do the rest. We manage all the incoming applications and job boards then send you qualified, pre-screened applicants. 


2. Pre-Screening

We conduct the first round of interviews for every position on our platform. This means we handle all no-show interviews and you only see applicants who are committed to the process.

3. Working Interviews

Our Clock'd app makes it possible to offer candidates a working interview before being officially hired. This means that both you and the professional are able to test whether or not the position is a good fit. 


Clients We've Worked With

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Meet Clock'd

Team Clock'd
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Tommy Shafer

Technical Lead

Favorite restaurant job: 


Traveling with a food stall serving music festivals (shoutout to The Avocado Hut!)


Marc LaPierre

Co-Founder & CEO

Why do you love this industry :


I love the authenticity of it. In a good restaurant there is no BS in the way people talk, work, and in what ultimately becomes the final product.


cambridge winery.png

Laurie, Owner & Operator 

Platform / Executive Recruitment

"Clock’d services saved me a lot of time and effort.

They worked very hard to find just the right candidates.

Honest and reliable. I’d recommend them to any business looking for employees."

Hiring just got better.


Start hiring with Clock'd today.