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How to Confidentially Recruit Restaurant Manager Positions When Necessary

Need a new Head Chef? The executive recruitment process can be a tricky one. You want to ensure that the process remains confidential, but that you also select the right person for the job. Here are some tips from us at Clock’d, your dedicated recruiter in the food and hospitality industry, to help you find executive positions securely and discreetly:

Research thoroughly.

Do your due diligence and research as many potential candidates as possible. Don't just rely on referrals to find your Head Chef, Director of Catering, or Bar Manager.

Use discretion.

When it comes to hiring for lead roles, discretion is essential. Unless you are certain that nobody from your current team wants the role or can fill it, avoid discussing this open opportunity openly with your current staff and make sure you communicate with prospective candidates via a secure system.

Interview carefully.

Make sure to interview candidates off-site or during off hours yet carefully vet each candidate's skills, prior experience, and qualifications. If possible, have your other managers interview them as well. After all, they will have to work together.

As you might ascertain, it’s a precarious process trying to hire such a crucial position properly while still maintaining confidentiality, and still run your business well. Save the headache. Rely on our quality track record and expertise to find your fully-vetted loyal leader in about 6 days.


Recruiting and hiring executives for your restaurant might be best left to the professionals. Utilize our executive recruiters to network, conduct comprehensive background checks, consult on competitive salaries, create and coordinate the appropriate skills tests, and negotiate the contracts. We will help you find the quality leader for your team in a confidential, secure manner quickly.

Need us to help you now? Schedule a consultation today!


Marc LaPierre is a 10-year veteran of the food and hospitality industry, Certified Staffing Professional, and CEO/Founder of Clock’d + SEEN. From cooking in James Beard award-winning kitchens to opening and managing a nightclub in Mexico, he worked every job in the industry. Today he connects professionals looking to advance their careers with clients eager to find an all-star team.


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