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Top 7 Reasons to Hire a Dedicated Recruiter for Your Restaurant or Hospitality Business

If you’re a restaurateur or hospitality business owner, it can be a daunting task to find the right staff for your business. Sure, you can hit the ground running with a great team, but finding and keeping quality employees is no small feat. That’s why we strongly suggest you consider Clock’d, the only dedicated recruiter in the food and hospitality industry. Here are our top seven reasons why you should give us a try:

1. Food and hospitality industry-specific.

Our team of recruiters are passionate about the food and hospitality industries and understand exactly what you need. We’ve been in your black non-skid shoes. Marc himself worked in every position in this industry; from cooking in James Beard award-winning kitchens to opening and managing a nightclub in Mexico. We get it. We get you. And we care about finding you the right fits fast for your house, front and back. Our team can also recruit en Español.

2. Save time on recruiting efforts.

Clock’d has a proven track record of finding top-notch candidates that meet your specific criteria in more than half the time it would take you on your own. 85% of our vetted candidates get hired. Just think how much nicer your days get when you can avoid costly hiring mistakes, interview no-shows, or missing out on ideal talent. Imagine the impact of gaining an extra 10 hours each week to focus on what you do best for your business. Kind of nice, isn’t it?

3. Save money and opportunity cost.

Clock’d is committed to finding quality people to fit your budget. Simply hiring our dedicated recruiter services is like hiring an executive member of your business for an eighth of the cost. It costs $5,600 on average to replace just one employee in our industry on your own. Our clients save an average of $2,500 a month on job ads because we actively stretch every buck to keep your advertising costs low. We could create an entire Hiring Report showing all the numbers. Oh that’s right, we did.

4. Never worry about attracting candidates.

We have an extensive network of contacts and resources to find you the right candidates for the job. We can focus our efforts on the positions that matter most. In addition to utilizing our diligent recruiter services, working 7 days a week for you, we provide every client the most robust version of SEEN, our Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Our super easy-to-use ATS becomes your branded career page on your website and allows you to manage, communicate with, and hire candidates with the tap of a button.

5. Personalized guidance.

We are so plugged into our industry we can’t help but guide you every step of the way with industry insight, advice, and best practices. Think of us as part of your team. We advise you on salary and benefits, write effective job descriptions, post positions, search for candidates, and manage the applicants for you. Our personalized coaching and training ensures those you hire are well-prepared for the position. We’ll also help you manage the large reservoir of candidates to hold for future openings. Because we work with you hands-on, your success is our success.

6. Customized hiring processes that decrease ghosting.

Taking the time to understand your unique culture, mission, and people helps us make sure the new recruits are the perfect fit for you. We work with every manager in your business involved in the hiring process too. As a result, we reduce "ghosted interviews'' by 85% because we hand you only our fully-vetted candidates. If you’re saying, “Let me get this straight…” Yes. We post, search, vet, interview, and deliver you the best hires.

7. Scalable flexible contracts.

Let’s face it, from food trucks to franchises, the food and hospitality industry is subject to seasonality. And when your food and service is amazing, your business can face incomprehensible growing pains. We’ve seen it all and been there for our clients, from the “before times” and through the pandemic. Need to try passive hiring on your own? Give SEEN ATS a try. Need to staff up for patio season? We got you. Lost your executive chef? We can hand deliver you a fully vetted loyal leader in 6 days. Need to hire constantly and consistently? We’re on it.


So, if you’re looking for a dedicated recruiter to help you find the perfect people for your restaurant or hospitality business, look no further than Clock’d. With our customized comprehensive services and commitment to quality, you can be sure we are the ideal candidate for the job. Schedule a consultation with us today!


Marc LaPierre is a 10-year veteran of the food and hospitality industry, Certified Staffing Professional, and CEO/Founder of Clock’d + SEEN. From cooking in James Beard award-winning kitchens to opening and managing a nightclub in Mexico, he worked every job in the industry. Today he connects professionals looking to advance their careers with clients eager to find an all-star team.


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