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Top 3 Tips to Attract Top Talent

As the only dedicated recruiter for the hospitality industry, we know firsthand how important it is to have the right people in the kitchen and in FOH. Are you feeling the patio season rush coming on and need to staff up? Clock’d offers you our three tips for attracting top talent in the restaurant industry.

Tip #1

Be clear about who and what you're looking for.

This means writing great job descriptions that are specific about the skills and experience you're looking for in a candidate. Job seekers like knowing exactly what they’re getting into. Don't settle for someone who only seems like a good fit - take the time to find someone who truly has the skills, experience, and references you need. Finally, there is the intangible “culture fit.” How will this new hire fit with the current employees, the regulars, does their pace and attitude fit with what you are looking for; at the end of the day do you mind spending 14-hour days with this person?

Clock’d tip: Most businesses have an ideal “Customer Bio” a fake biography with attributes about your customer base. If you don't already have this, take a minute to look at your regulars to understand your target demographic. Then do the same thing for your ideal hire. What experience do they bring to the table, how do they interact with your regulars & team, and what about them best represents your business?

Tip #2

Offer competitive compensation and benefits.

In the hospitality industry, excellent loyal talent is in high demand, and if you're not offering a competitive package, you're going to struggle to attract, hire, and keep top talent. Take a look at our 2023 Hiring Report to see what benefits current day employees find important based on their position.

Clock’d tip: The smallest benefit can make the difference in hiring. Of course, nothing will close the gap if you don’t offer some basic benefits to full-time employees (see aforementioned hiring guide). However, if you are in the same ballpark as most places, small considerations that make life easier go a long way. Examples include free parking, rideshare/carpool options, team outings, flexible schedules, free espresso, etc. We spend as much as a third of our life working, it might as well be at a place that takes care of its employees.

Tip #3

Work with a dedicated recruiter.

This makes a valuable difference in your ability to find and properly onboard the best chefs, line cooks, soups chefs, bar managers, catering managers… You name the talent in our industry and we’ve personally handed the right candidates to our clients. A recruiter like Clock’d who specializes in the hospitality industry helps you customize and navigate your hiring process while finding you the best fits fast for your restaurant, catering business, or hotel.


People are the lifeblood of your business. Hiring top talent in the hospitality industry comes down to being clear about what you're looking for, offering competitive compensation and benefits, and working with a recruiter like Clock’d who understands the industry. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to building a strong and loyal team for years of success. Have we talked yet? Schedule a consultation with Clock’d today!


Marc LaPierre is a 10-year veteran of the food and hospitality industry, Certified Staffing Professional, and CEO/Founder of Clock’d + SEEN. From cooking in James Beard award-winning kitchens to opening and managing a nightclub in Mexico, he worked every job in the industry. Today he connects professionals looking to advance their careers with clients eager to find an all-star team.


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